Luther Pass to Hope Valley

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Difficulty 3 Intermediate
Length 2.4 miles one-way
7750 feet
-700 feet
Navigation Road and easy to follow directions
Time Few hours
Season Mid-December through mid-April
Snowmobiles Use Low
USGS Topo 7.5' series, Freel Peak
Start Luther Pass on Highway 89 or any point along Grass Lake to the west of Luther Pass.

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This is a 100 percent downhill run from Luther Pass to Hope Valley. It takes so little time to complete this tour that you may want to lengthen it by starting at a point adjacent to Grass Lake but to the west of Luther Pass. Start at the west end of Grass Lake and you add 1.7 miles to the tour. If you do so, remember that near Luther Pass there is a second meadow to the east of the large meadow and separated by trees; that's where this tour begins.

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Numbers in parentheses
correspond to mileage points on map

Locate the snow-covered road and the start of the tour at Luther Pass. A snowplow turn-around is located here so you will probably have to start skiing a little to the west. Regardless, the road is located in the trees at the east end of the small meadow.

Waypoint 1 to 2
Miles: 0.0 - 1.2
Elevation change: -450 feet

From the trailhead (1) descend on the road for 1.2 miles until you reach a 180-degree right turn (2).

Waypoint 2 to 3
Miles: 1.2 - 2.4
Elevation change: -250 feet

Continue on the road but shortly, when you enter the open area of Hope Valley, leave the road and ski southeast for a total of 1.2 miles until you reach Pickett Junction (3).

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