The Menu Bar

The menu at the top of every web page in this guide will contain links for finding tours. Depending on the page displayed, links for switching to the tour page, the images page, profile page or waypoint page will be provided.


"Index" links to a list of all tours in alphabetical order and links to the tours. The difficulty and length of each tour is provided.


"Map" links to an interactive map that allows you to home-in on a specific area, view details about the tours in that area and link to a specific tour.


"Tour" links to the web page for the tour.


"Images" links to a web page with images from the tour. When viewing the tours on a large display device, e.g. desktop or laptop computer, these images are also embedded in the description and mileage log. But they are not embedded if you are viewing on a small display device, e.g. tablet or mobile phone.


"Profile" links to the elevation profile for the tour. The elevation profile is not available if the elevation change is very small. The scale of the vertical and horizontal axes are the same for all tours. This makes comparison of tours relative easy.


"Waypoints" links to waypoint information for the tour and links to download the waypoint data.