Pinecrest Lake

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Difficulty 1 Beginner
Length Up to 1.5 miles round trip
5600 feet
Navigation Adjacent to plowed road
Time Few hours
Season January through March
Snowmobiles Use Not permitted [Please report illegal use of snowmobiles in this area.]
USGS Topo 7.5' series, Pinecrest
Start The west end of Pinecrest Lake, 1.0 mile east of Highway 108 on Pinecrest Lake Road. Park in the plowed county parking lot across the road from the lake.

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During mid-winter months when there is sufficient snow and the lake level is low, thus exposing open and level ground along the shore, you can ski along the southwest shore of Pinecrest Lake. Do not ski on the lake.

The trailhead is on the opposite side of the road from the parking area.

If the snow is not good here, the best alternative tour is the Crabtree Trail Loop of beginner-intermediate difficulty.

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